Community Engagement Committee

The Nanaimo Foundation works with community leaders and stakeholders to ensure that Foundation grants are purposefully and effectively targeted. The Foundation also engages with recognized advisors so as to continually learn from philanthropic organizations beyond Nanaimo. Capable community members generously volunteer their time and energy on our Board of Directors and on our various committees. Their knowledge and dedication help shape our work and ensure we remain in touch with the needs of the community.

Nanaimo Foundation Community Engagement Committee

The Nanaimo Foundation Community Engagement Committee is a group of volunteer community builders who work together to advance the Nanaimo Foundation’s mission and its unique role in the community.

Our volunteer committee members strive to increase the Nanaimo Foundation’s opportunities to address local needs and enhance Nanaimo’s health and vibrancy.

Committee Members

Jenn Bogwald

Trina Brubaker

Colin Duncanson

Brian Evans

Lucie Gosselin

Dave Hammond

Mike Herold

Doug Johnston

Pat Sullivan

Camela Tang

Chelsea Wilson


To learn more about our committees or to get involved, contact Laurie Bienert at or 250.667.4292