Grant Policies

Vital Fund Grant Policies

Vital Fund recipient organizations must:

  • Be a registered charity or other qualified donee defined under the Income Tax Act;
  • Operate within the geographical boundaries of Nanaimo-Ladysmith School District 68, which includes the communities of Nanaimo, Ladysmith, Cedar, Gabriola Island and Lantzville;
  • Demonstrate fiscal responsibility and effective management;
  • Demonstrate inclusiveness and respect for diversity and equity.

The Vital Fund provides grants towards capital projects, pilot projects and program delivery solely within the communities of Nanaimo, Ladysmith, Cedar, Gabriola Island and Lantzville.

The Vital Fund supports projects and programs:

  • Where there is demonstrated need, likelihood of effectiveness, and potential to serve as a model to others;
  • That build on the strengths of the community to respond to identified issues and priorities;
  • Align with Nanaimo Foundation’s mission.

Nanaimo Foundation’s priorities for support are based on Vital Signs Report data and ongoing community needs assessment.

Recipient organizations should demonstrate a commitment to the project through a contribution of human and/or financial resources.

Recipient organizations should have a significant and appropriate amount of funding from other sources in place. Capital projects must have a minimum of 50% of total project/program costs secured at the time of application submission is required for funding consideration.

Projects that will be ongoing after the grant’s end should provide realistic plans for longer-term funding.

Grants are awarded for definite purposes and for projects or programs covering a specific period of time.

Changes to project or program scope must be approved by Nanaimo Foundation. In some cases, organizations will be required to submit a new application outlining the new project or program scope.

Recipient organizations must sign a Grant Agreement, signed by a designated representative of the Recipient Organization and legally qualified to accept fiscal and organizational responsibility for the grant.

Nanaimo Foundation will not consider grant requests from previous grantees that have not yet met all reporting requirements.

Grants shall not be approved for the following purposes:

  • Retroactive funding, or for any expenses to be incurred prior to the approval date of the grant.
  • Debt retirement or reserves, and mortgage pay-downs.
  • General fundraising campaigns.
  • Where the activities of the applicant organization are discriminatory or service the interests of the members, employees, or constituents of those organizations to the exclusion of the community at large.

Ineligible grant expenditures include:

  • Purchase of alcoholic beverages or liquor permits;
  • Purchase of any illegal substances;
  • Any legal fees, including traffic fines and penalties.

Grant Amounts

The maximum amount per grant is:

  • Capital projects – $15,000
  • Pilot projects – $10,000
  • Program delivery – $10,000