Random Acts of Kindness

Join Nanaimo Foundation in spreading and celebrating kindness

February 17th is national Random Acts of Kindness Day. This year, more than ever, it is important to spread and celebrate kindness across our community. During Random Acts of Kindness Week, Nanaimo Foundation is encouraging acts of kindness, recognizing the kindness of essential workers, and supporting local businesses.

Throughout Random Acts of Kindness Week, February 14th to 20th, Nanaimo Foundation is inviting people from Nanaimo, Ladysmith, Cedar, Gabriola Island and Lantzville to:

  • Share their acts of kindness on social media and be entered to win a gift certificate from a local shop.
  • Nominate an essential worker who will be entered to win a Kindness Package full of goods from local stores and vendors.

To be eligible to win a gift card from a shop local to the central Vancouver Island area, just share on social media what you’re doing to spread kindness with the hashtag #midVIkindness and tag Nanaimo Foundation.

To nominate an essential worker who will be entered to win a Kindness Package, share on social media why you are nominating them with the hashtag #midVIkindness and tag Nanaimo Foundation.

Prizes will be drawn on February 21st.

Thank you for your kindness!

Ways to Spread Kindness

Call a Loved One
Keep in touch with a friend of family member who you haven’t spoken to recently. For COVID-19 safe engagements, plan a virtual movie night!

Do Something for Yourself
Cook your favourite dinner or go for a walk at your favourite local park. Do something that makes you feel happy.

Pay it Forward
Purchase the coffee of the person behind you in line or buy a gift card and leave it there for the next person to use.

Pay Someone a Compliment
Compliment someone on one of their talents.

Donate Items
Donate clothes and other clean, gently used items to organizations that are currently accepting them.

Share Kind Notes
Leaving a friendly note on someone’s windshield or at a friend’s front door can help to uplift their day.

Utilize Social Media
Share uplifting quotations, stories, or photos on your social media page- you never know it might make smile!

Support Local
Show kindness to your favourite local business through utilizing their products or supporting them on social media.

Share Your Ideas
If you are paying it forward in a unique way, share it with others so that they can take part in Random Acts of Kindness week as well!

Leave a Review for Your Favourite Business
Adding a positive review to your favourite store or restaurant telling everyone how great they are is a good way to leave a lasting impact.

Donate to Your Local Foodbank
Donating any non-perishable items to your local foodbank is a fantastic way to spread random acts of kindness that help the entire community.

Check in With Your Colleagues
Send your coworkers or colleagues a positive email or text letting them know you appreciate all their hard work.

Tell Your Loved Ones How Much They Mean to You
Send a note, text, email, or have a verbal conversation telling your loved ones how important they are to you.

Make Breakfast in Bed
Surprise the people you live with by waking them with breakfast in bed one morning. Or make yourself your favourite breakfast and eat it end bed!

Check in With Your Neighbours
Post a note through your neighbour’s door to check in with them, particularly if they are living alone.

Bring Up Special Moments
Reminisce with family members or friends about a moment that made you all feel thankful to be together.

Use Your Talents
If you love drawing, draw someone a picture of something that makes them happy. Or, if you are particularly good at a school subject, offer a friend help in that class.

Thank an Essential Worker
Show gratitude for first responders, folks in medical fields, and those organizing food banks or working at grocery stories. You can do this by message, phone call, or e-card.

Spend Time with Your Pets
On a nice day, go for a long walk or play with your pets. Checking in on your neighbours to ask if they need help walking their dogs goes a long way, too!

Take Care of Your Mental Health
If you are able, take advantage of your time at home and complete projects like cleaning, planting, and organizing.

Walk to Work or School
Be kind to the environment by biking or walking to your destination.

Wave or Say Hello to a Stranger
Lately more than ever, people are feeling lonely. Connect with others by waving or saying hello.

Give an Anonymous Gift
Send flowers or treats anonymously to someone who has been working hard lately.

Go to Your Favourite Spot
If there is a special place that makes you feel calm and happy, spend time there with yourself.

Use a Reusable Travel Mug
Help the environment by switching to a reusable coffee mug for your coffees and teas.

Set Personal Goals
Everyone has goals for themselves, and now is a great time to dedicate yourself to achieving them.

Set up a Birdhouse
Buy or build a birdhouse to leave outside to support our wildlife during the colder seasons.

Donate Used Books
Most libraries accept gently used books and would be happy to receive them to let others read!

Send a Postcard
Getting mail is exciting to a lot of people, and a postcard showcasing the beauty of your local area is a great and easy gift to give.

Be a Welcoming Neighbour
If you see someone new has moved into your neighbourhood, make sure to tell them hello and make them feel welcomed!