Rotary Club of Nanaimo

This is a very special week for Rotarians in Nanaimo.  Friday, May 1st, 2020, marks our 100th Anniversary of Rotary in Nanaimo.

We are sad we won’t be able to get together to celebrate the contribution that Rotary has made here in the Harbour City over the past 100 years, or toast the members that gave so much over the years to help those in need here in Nanaimo and around the world.

Then we came up with an idea.  What if we held a fundraiser on May 1st

President Elect Bob Janes will attempt to complete 100 laps of the 400 metre track at The Rotary Bowl in the Harbour City on Friday, May 1, 2020 to mark this monumental milestone. That’s 40 kilometres!

We are collecting pledges by the lap, or just a flat rate.  Every dollar counts.

If you can spare a couple of dollars, we would appreciate it. You could be helping your neighbour, a family member, or a good friend.

Money can be donated to the Rotary Foundation to help relief efforts worldwide or to the Nanaimo Community Response Fund to provide relief here on Vancouver Island for those most affected by COVID-19. 

Make a pledge or share words of encouragement for Bob Janes before May 1st here

Make your donation

Donate to the Rotary Foundation here


Donate to the Nanaimo Community Response Fund here