Who we work with in the community.

Nanaimo Family Life Association –

“Being an agency dedicated to the healing and well–being of those in our community in need of support, we are aware of the impact that the physical surroundings can have on one’s progress to mental and emotional health. The Nanaimo Foundation has made it possible for us to achieve that goal and to provide those seeking our services with a space that is clean, colourful, and inviting.”

Deborah Hollins – Executive Director, Nanaimo Family Life Association

Nanaimo Community Hospice Society –

“Nanaimo Community Hospice is deeply grateful to the Nanaimo Foundation for the support they have provided through their $50,000 donation to the Expand the Heart of Hospice capital campaign. Because of groups like the Nanaimo Foundation, we are now able to offer a beautiful new resource to our community that houses our programs and provides a safe a welcoming space for those who reach out to Hospice for support..”

Wendy Pratt – Former Executive Director, Nanaimo Hospice

The Nanaimo Museum –

The Nanaimo Museum Endowment was funded thanks to the generosity of late member Hilda John who surprised us with a very generous bequest.  This was matched by a grant from the Vancouver Foundation Renaissance Fund.  Support from the endowment ensures long term stability for the museum by allowing us to remain a responsible, well-managed organization focused on protecting Nanaimo’s heritage through the preservation of artifacts and public education.” 

Debbie Truman – Executive Director, Nanaimo Museum

The Port Theatre –

“The Nanaimo Foundation has been and remains a significant community partner for the Port Theatre. We are proud to work in conjunction with the Nanaimo Foundation to make The Port Theatre Society  and the community stronger.”

Bruce Halliday – General Manager, Port Theatre Society