Our Vision

Our Mission

To steward the gifts of energy, ideas, time, and money to make meaningful and lasting impacts in our community.

Our purpose is to bring together community assets to address current and emerging community needs. To do this, we take a broad view of philanthropy; we recognize that raising funds to tackle an issue is only part of any solution. We also engage citizens, organizations, and governments, and invite them to work together and contribute their time, ideas, expertise, and energy to address community needs. We believe this is the most meaningful and effective way to make lasting improvements.

Our Vision

A healthy, vibrant, livable and sustainable Greater Nanaimo community.

A Healthy Community:

  •  a community where the people, the economy, and the physical environment are thriving;
  •  a place where citizens have healthy and active lifestyles as well as support for their physical and mental well-being;
  •  a community with a strong and prosperous economy; clean air and water; adequate parks and green space; healthy and secure food; protection of our animals and wildlife; and more.

A Vibrant Community:

  • a community that has energy and vitality;
  • a place that is alive with diversity and celebrates both the things we have in common and the things that make us different;
  • a community that is creative and dynamic;
  • a place that honours the past but also embraces new ideas and new ways of doing things;
  • a community that is adaptive: able to take on new challenges and address changing circumstances.

A Livable Community:

  • a community where the experience of living is positive on many levels;
  • a community that has a strong sense of civic engagement; helps all people feel a sense of belonging; offers affordable housing, well-developed transportation options, social stability, equity of both educational and work opportunities, and plenty of places and opportunities to live, work, and play;
  • a community that is compassionate, where philanthropy is commonplace and the gifts of that generosity provide opportunities to help everyone reach their full potential;

A Sustainable Community:

  • a community in-balance, where Economy, Ecology, Culture, Human Services, and Infrastructure are adequate to the on-going needs of all in our community.

Our Values

Leadership: We are strategic and work towards being a center of influence in the community. Our work is characterized by partnerships, learning, risk-taking, mutual respect, and a spirit of inquiry.

Integrity: We are accountable for what we do and transparent in how we do it. Our business practices are fair, equitable, and accessible.

Stewardship: We are responsible stewards of the Foundation’s assets, and focus our time, resources, and energy on making a measurable difference.

Capacity Building: We value supporting the community and helping organizations succeed.

Impact: Our work needs to make measurable and sustainable impacts in a community.

Power of Giving: Philanthropy plays a powerful and integral role in strengthening a community.

Systemic Approach: We address root causes of issues, focusing both on issues today and prevention of issues in the future.