Book of Giving Opportunities

Book of Giving Opportunities

Throughout the year, grants are awarded from Nanaimo Foundation Donor Advised Funds and a series of smaller funds that address specialized areas. Local organizations are invited to submit projects to our Book of Giving Opportunities publication. This Book of Giving Opportunities helps guide donors in gifting from their Donor Advised Funds held at the Nanaimo Foundation.

Submissions can be on any project for which your organization is currently seeking funding. Our Book of Giving Opportunities includes a range of projects and giving levels. We recommend requesting an amount between $500 and $50,000.

Submissions will be accepted from qualified donees operating within the geographical boundaries of School District 68. Non-profit organizations and community groups are welcome to work with a qualified donee to make a submission. In the case of such a collaboration, the qualified donee would act as a fiscal agent on behalf of the collaborating party.

Review Process

Grants provided from Nanaimo Foundation Donor Advised Funds and specialized area funds are disbursed throughout the year. These grants are selected by individual donors who have created these funds, as such there is no formal review process or set timelines for these grants. If a donor wishes to make a grant to your project, a Nanaimo Foundation representative will contact you. We encourage you to update us on the progress of your project via making a submission as per the instructions below.

How to Make a Submission to the

Book of Giving Opportunities

All submissions must be no longer than 300 words. Submissions will not be accepted from organizations that request funds for more than one project.

Submissions should provide:

A brief summary of your organization – What is the mission and purpose of your organization?

An overview of your project – Describe your project and its impact.

Include at the top of your submission:

Organization Name:

Registered Charitable No:

Project Name:

Requested Amount:

Contact Name:

Contact Phone:

Contact Email:

Organization Address:

When to make a submission:

The Nanaimo Foundation is currently accepting submissions until May 8th, 2020.

Where to send a submission:

Please email your submission with the subject line:

Book of Giving Opportunities – Your Organization Name

To: [email protected]